Pakistan to Hunt Haqqanis?
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  • There are the three countries that the US and its Western and Pacific allies failed to accommodate sufficiently over roughly the past 2 decades. And right, you guessed it: Had we but appeased them wholeheartedly enough (as distinct from our initially half-arsed and now shamefully back-pedaling attempts), there’s simply no imagining what heights of superhuman utopia we’d all be enjoying today. Those three are:

    Germany – the rightful (was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be) leader, creditor, liquidator, reorganizer, etc, of Europe even unto the Urals and beyond;

    China – the rightful dictator of East Asia, to whose desires to swallow up every other country in said region no limits should EVER be placed;

    Pakistan – our ONE trustworthy partner in South Asia, because, although the great masses of its people hate us (and apparently have for some time), its leaders have always been more or less willing to do business with us on our (corporations’) terms.

    (Of course others might argue, it was our pursuing these same policies to even the EXTENT WE DID that helped box us into our present tight corner. Which is to say, how we ever get out is anyone’s guess. Again, have a great century.)

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