China’s Carrot and Stick Diplomacy: More Stick, Less Carrot
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  • Anthony

    Can China avoid being China in its part of the world any more than United States does in its sphere? Now, question is can we geopolitically live with it as we seek “to understand how this works.”

  • Luke Lea

    Liu Xiaobo made some acute observations ten years ago in his essay, “The Roots of Chinese ‘Patriotism’,” which you will find in his selected essays, No Enemies, No Hatred. Unfortunately Harvard University Press allows no Google preview so it is impossible to access it on the web. If my fingers and eyes hold out I’ll type a few lines from the section entitled Background to the Rise of Thuggish and Bellicose Patriotism:

    To whip up bellicose, expansionist patriotism in times of war might be easy. To do it in times of peace is not easy, but the following conditions help:

    1. A history of feelings of disdain for the world and a powerful feeling of vanity that the Son of Heaven once ruled All Under Heaven;

    2. A long history of having suffered humiliation at the hands of foreigners and the buildup of popular sentiment for revenge and settling scores;

    3. Pressure on people’s livelihood because of an extremely lard population and natural resources that are insufficient to support it;

    4. Rising diplomatic and military power in the present day;

    5. A solid record over an extended time of education-for-hatred in the school curricula and the misleading of public opinion in controlled media;

    6. A national psychology that regularly alternates between extreme self-abasement and extreme self-aggrandizement; and

    7. A dictatorial regime that can manipulate the aggregate power of the preceding six conditions.

  • Luke Lea

    [So now I’m stuck with italics just for trying a little HTML? Get some tags on these comments editors!]

    Anyway that was supposed to be “large population” above, not “lard population,” though I hear the Chinese people are starting to get fat.

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