Video of Syrian Rebel Atrocities a Sign of Things to Come
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  • Anthony

    No clean hands…. And more blood will definitely flow…but can it be called a revolution.

  • Kenny

    Low class animals on both sides.

  • Jim.

    Hooray for the good guys?

  • Alex G

    I have just watched the video and what you can hear in Arabic (0:40) is that Zeino is charged with murder of 15 martyrs of Liwaa-at-Tawhid ( The Brigade of Monotheism). I don’t know whether they belong the FSA, but they are clearly jihadists-style who act in Halab

  • QET

    “To speak of “crimes” in circumstances like this is to make rhetorical noise, not to enunciate valid principles of law.”

    I take this to be a true statement. Yet I anticipate that the crowd of academics and NGO members devoted to propagating the fiction that there is such a thing as “international criminal law” will loudly proclaim the opposite.

  • Michael K

    “Aleppo is in a state of nature, where there can be no crimes and the law of the jungle is pretty much all that applies.”

    But but….Rousseau tells me that man is so good and pure in a state of nature. 🙂

  • Fred

    Savages are still savage.

  • Diverse cultures at work in their own lands.

    THIS is the face of “multiculturalism,” and THIS FACT needs more attention.

    I know there are those pretending that all cultures are the same, all have the same desires for freedom, liberty, education, wealth and tolerance as the West, and that all treat their peoples the same – or would if the bad old West would go away. The Flat Earth Society also still exists….

  • Kris

    “This revolution, at least in part, is going to be televised, and we aren’t going to like what we see.”

    Hence we will stay home, brother, and very easily cop out.

  • Mick The Reactionary

    I wish both sides many great successes in their battles and may they have ammunition and manpower for a few years of productive fighting.

  • thibaud

    Mr Mead: what do you propose US policy should be?

  • Old Gunny

    “Peace will come when the winners are tired of killing and the losers are ready to submit.” This is war the old fashioned way. You lose, you die. The winners won’t get tired and the losers can’t submit.

  • ‘Ere writing off the Syrian rebels as agents of the coming barbarism, one might consider the following of interest:

    1. Successfully concluded elections in Libya

    2. The intensity of the civil wars in Central America. Around about 240,000 deaths were registered in three countries. The mean sum of the populations of these countries (over the period running from 1960 to 1996) was about 15 million. Syria currently has a population of about 20 million. The Central American republics suffer grievously from high crime rates (common in Latin America but not in the Arab world). They each also have functioning civil societies and a fairly pluralistic political order.

    3. Parliamentary institutions are not unknown in the history of the Levant, from the late Ottoman period onward. The government of Syria was a parliamentary state for the most part prior to 1963.

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