Terrorist Groups Converge on Mali
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  • Now that Obama’s R2P gang has created this mess are they going to spend another several million cleaning it up & creating a new mess with R2P that will just move the problem elsewhere so Obama then can use R2P again to go fix that mess he created by R2Ping the mess he created in Libya? Is R2P just an employment scheme, some sort of shovel-ready strategy? Will the R2P gang next go create a new mess in Syria? What if the rebels in Syria are run by al Qaeda & Assad simply is cleaning them out, albeit inefficiently?

    Perhaps when Romney is elected we can turn R2P to protecting Americans from our own government overreach?

  • Neshobanakni

    GOO GOO = Chicagoese for Good Government Reformers. So Obama’s not part of the Machine after all?

  • Dutch 1960

    One of the Malian conceits was that they could live in peace and unilaterally disarm, both physically and psychologically, as “there are no natural resources (diamonds, gold, oil) to fight over”. Not entirely true, as gold is now being commercially mined. The larger point is that the reality of armed force seems to have trumped idealism once again, as it will probably always do.

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