Iranians Don’t Want to Play Mullahs’ Game of Chicken
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  • Ed

    Generic Iranian protest = Death to blank!

    While I recognize that the Iranian people crave freedom and do not support their horrific government, I find this most amusing.

    Perhaps they can invent a means of using a car bomb to cut, excuse me, kill inflation? Maybe the next move is Death to Fiat Money! or perhaps Death to Printing Money to Pay Off Debts Incurred by Incompetent Fiscal Management and Grandiose Projects we Don’t Actually Need!

    Nah, probably back to Margbar Amrika! It’s catchier.

  • Ed Snyder

    And it’s going to get worse as the price of chicken feed goes up. From the link:

    “Twice in the last five years, rising food prices triggered global waves of social unrest. With drought baking U.S. crops, another round of soaring, society-straining price spikes may happen in coming months…

    “The ongoing drought, the United States’ worst since the Dust Bowl, is expected to last until October and will decimate U.S. harvests. America is the world’s largest exporter of corn, wheat and soy beans; global prices for those commodities have already surged to record levels.”

  • I see little reason to believe that the Iranian leadership will respond to the calculus of survival. I think they are more like the Jpanese military at the end of WW 2 who were perfectly willing to keep going despite being nuked twice. on the other hand I think the Iranian people are getting pretty sick of them and just may effectively rise up aggainst them. The problem is that the regime is like the Blues Brothers-they are on a mission from God.

  • Micha

    Why are sanctions that hurt many civilians considered better than an air strike against specific military targets?

  • Walter Sobchak

    As long as the Revolutionary Guard is willing to shoot at the civilians, the Mullahs are safe.

  • Kris

    “we can hope that the calculus of regime survival will lead them to a serious interest in compromise.”

    AFP: “Iran is defiantly forging on with its controversial nuclear activities by activating hundreds more uranium enrichment centrifuges, according to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”

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