Part 2 of WRM’s Interview with Australia’s Lowy Blog
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  • Brendan Doran

    I don’t watch the show, but I believe Game of Thrones eventually gets around to war, yes?

    Our governing classes Dear Sir WRM have about as much stomach for what it takes to actually win wars as your university faculty meeting would. And no stomach at all for the bad press.

    You do realize for instance that as is traditional in war soldiers take trophies and bring them home and this includes Americans all the way through Vietnam?

    Do I need to flesh out trophies…?

    Keep on like this and America itself may be ruled from a throne. And not faculty staff.

  • Anthony

    United States strategic predominance interesting concept posed by interviewer; you parried quite well with post World War II European strategic predominance analogy.

    From both interviews WRM, an observer may get impression that you lean towards China engagement through international world economy/system.

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