Foreign Aid: Sometimes, They Thank Us
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  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Our foreign aid helps only a pittance of those being assisted by the Hamiltonian Strategy for World Domination, which has uplifted billions of people out of abject poverty. The Hamiltonian Strategy has lured most of the cultures of the world into the American Global Trading System (the largest and therefore most efficient market in history) by allowing them to think they are cheating the stupid clueless Yankees through the manipulation of their currency to gain a price advantage for their exporters.

    This strategy has resulted in the greatest explosion of growth in human history over the last few decades (the last piece of the strategy was put in place when Nixon got rid of the last dregs of the Gold Standard, which put a stake through the heart of Mercantilism which has inhibited trade throughout history), and permanently changed the cultures everywhere with exposure to the superior American Culture.

    Only now are some of those cultures that swallowed the bait, beginning to realize just how completely they have been caught, as China and others squeal about finding another reserve currency. Good luck with that little fishy, but you’ve swallowed the bait and now you are ours, and we are going to make you just like us (civilized, hard working, educated, and filthy stinking rich).

  • Corlyss

    When the European elites were doing all their ranting and raving about Bush and the Iraq war, I caught a report from Netherlands about how American tourists were getting an earful. The reporter found one elderly woman, a cafe owner, who said with tears in her eyes that she had no problem with Americans because she remembered THE war and how grateful she and her family had been to be liberated by Americans and how generous they were after the war. Those kinds are dying off as fast as the Greatest Generation are.

  • Kevin

    The only real effect of foreign aid to non democracies is to entrench the ruler in power and cause their people to hate us. The biggest non-democratic recipients of aid over the last decade have been Egypt and Pakistan – countries whose populations hate us. If we don’t need to bribe them for some very compelling reason of state we should not do it.

  • Hubbub

    I’m an optimistic pessimist; I hope things will get better, but I really don’t think they will. But I can say without fail, I can visit VM and get a virtual shot of optimism no matter how dire the situation. And that’s good, I suppose?

    In all honesty, however, our foreign aid today is nothing but another welfare system tacked on to our national one. No matter how vile, reprehensible, or totalitarian or democratic the system we well pay and pay for the illusive hope that these countries and people will love us – just like our on citizens who live on welfare in this country love the god government.

    I appreciate the German lady, but I’m afraid that’s from another, a different era, when a defeated country had no where else to turn.

    Ask Morsi in Egypt if he really, really appreciates the billions of US dollars approved for his Muslim Brotherhood regime, or if he really thinks Egypt is entitled to the aid and deserves more.

    How much are we going to throw at the Syrian ‘democratic’ people’s party when they assume control of the country? We will be there, arms extended, hands filled with cash, begging them to take it. With any luck, they will take it, ask for more, and then use it against us.

    O, Optimism, thy name is VM!

  • Mick The Reactionary


    “The only real effect of foreign aid to non democracies is to entrench the ruler in power and cause their people to hate us.”

    Almost right. A small addition will make it absolutely true:

    The only real effect of foreign aid to Democracies is to entrench the ruling leftists in power and cause their people to hate us.

    Non-leftist countries usually manage to do on their own without crumbs from impoverished uncle Sam.

    So, other than aid to democracies and non democracies, the foreign aid is a swell idea.

  • SteveMG

    The vulgarian Bill Maher doesn’t understand, he says, what is exceptional about America. He just opined in his twisted way of thinking that yesterday’s awful shooting was, in his view, evidence of this exceptionalism of a bad sort.

    No, Mr. Maher, we’re exceptional despite creating people like you.

    Perfect? Of course not. Exceptional? In many many ways.

  • john vrklan

    I’ll take the optimistic outlook over the cynical and pessimistic view any, and every time.

  • We are not thanked for second hand clothes – These take jobs from cotton fields, opportunity from seamstresses and self-respect from any wearers of traditional dress.

    We should not be thanked for thoughtless giving.

    Educational support, books, and access to information are the highest priorities.

  • Andrew Allison

    I think that a good argument can be made that foreign aid should always be in kind, and never in cash. Why would one imagine that money given to a government which has failed its people would be put to good use? This is an area where we could learn from the Chinese, who give their aid in the form of infrastructure.

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