Obama Appoints New AfPak Ambassadors
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  • Rafael

    This is about a previous story published on this blog on allegations of forced conversion of Christians in Gaza.

    WRM overread on the story. The AFP is inconclusive on claims that the two Christians converts to Islam were made to leave their religion — though one wouldn’t know this from reading his blog post — and the AFP author who wrote the piece said herself that the forced conversion claims were unlikely and that, most probably, the converts left their families to seek shelter with Hamas due to fears of retribution from the Christian community.

    See her tweets below.



    The Palestinian Center of Human Rights, an independent group, confirmed that it held meetings with the two converts and their families, and denies that they were kidnapped or forced to leave Christianity.


  • dr kill

    That’s all very nice. But how do they feel about circumcision?

  • We are certainly asking them to do the impossible.

  • Maid Abusing Socialist

    Shame McGurk was pulled off the team. Whatever he might have accomplished in Iraq, he was surely the man to effect a back-channel rapprochement with the deeply aggrieved DSK…

  • Adam Garfinkle

    Actually, Walter, they do get medals, sort of. Returning ambassadors from the Absurdistans of the world, as well as others for various kinds of service, typically get Superior Service Awards. These awards typically consist of an actual medal, a certificate/plaque sort of thing, and a wad of cash. I know; I have one.

    Parades? No. Your general point stands proud and tall.

  • thibaud

    A pity that good ol’ Jesse Helms (peace be unto him) isn’t around to read this.

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