The Taliban: Here To Stay?
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  • Susan

    The sad element to this story about the horrid treatment of women under Islamist rule is that back in 2003-when I lived in NYC-most of those I knew in my professional theatrical circle could only concern themselves with gay marriage in America.

    They would tell me about their fear of Bush’s ‘gay gulag’ and how Christian theocracy was overtaking the NAtion in which they lived.

    I weep for the all the women living in sexual apartheid oppressed by Islamist rule.

    And I no longer believe liberalism is about human rights, liberty, freedom and all that jazz.

  • Put a fence around the entire country and sell them all the arms they want. Put a phone booth in the middle & call me when it’s over. Not one single thing in that barbaric, pre-literate “country” is worth the life of a single American. If they attack us again: nuke them. Places like Afghanistan are why nukes were invented; destroy the enemy at no cost to ourselves. But the concept that they can become a liberal democracy with western norms just by giving them a vote they have not earned and do not understand is just fantasy – one our best & brightest now are paying for with their lives and the lives of the children they will never have. Shameful is the only honest word to describe this policy.

  • Walter Sobchak

    The Taliban is a wholly owned subsidiary of the US’s enemy Pakistan. After we get our people out of Afghanistan, we must destroy the weapons we gave Pakistan. Maybe India will rescue the Afghans from the Pakistanis.

  • Andrew Allison

    As this short take makes it clear, the whole Afghanistan intervention was a colossal waste of blood and money.

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