No Worries, US: China, Australia Agree to Currency Deal
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  • Many Wall Street executives say wrongdoing is necessary: survey

    This is the way doing business with China corrupts us.

  • Jim.

    So can we read China’s moves as a reaction to their slowing economy?

    It seems to me that the Chinese are moving towards liberalization of trade to try to juice their economy.

    Counterexamples would be welcome.

  • Kris

    “a weak national economy and irresponsible national finance will undermine the US economy.”

    Really going out on a limb there! 🙂

  • Jim.

    As far as the “weak currency – weak country connection goes… didn’t England’s economy first take off when Newton was Master of the Mint, and insisted on non-debased gold as the basis for coinage?

    Princes in other kingdoms made a regular practice of debasing coinage to fund the ambitions of their governments… it didn’t usually work out too well, Krugman’s vaporings notwithstanding.

  • Crocodile Chuck

    ‘..Vulgar economics’?

    Walter, do you have any idea of the significance of this?

    Remedial reading:

  • Corlyss

    “a weak national economy and irresponsible national finance will undermine the US economy.”

    The policy amateurs in the Democratic party don’t get the rather fundamental relationship between the goose and the golden eggs. They believe if they abuse the goose and parse out its food to all the barnyard riffraff, it will still produce golden eggs. They apparently don’t get the fundamental relationship between the absence of food and death. Reminds me of some silly git I heard about who got a canary and when that canary failed to sing, she starved it to teach it a lesson. Of course, it died.

  • I see where China has announced that Western hedge funds are now welcome to invest in China. Any suckers out there?

  • Mick The Reactionary


    “Managing our long term fiscal picture wisely”

    Yet another jobs Americans don’t want to do. Bring on immigrants.

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