Forget Arab Spring: It’s the Sunni Surge
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  • Harry Allan

    Sadly, I find myself saying: “That’s what these people do.” We have elections — they have massacres. “And so it goes.”

  • Good. Now if Sunni Saudi Arabia nukes Shia Persian Iran, maybe we can all go home again and stop worrying about the Middle East. No more Sunni-Shia/Arab-Persian conflict just about the time fracking frees us from the ME despots anyway.

    Now if we can get Obama OUT of office so we can actually USE our own reserves, we all can move ahead. And the Arab and muslim worlds, once powerful and intellectual before they let their clerics take over (Read: What Went Wrong; Bernard Lewis), can just sink back into history.. or overthrow their clerics and begin to modernize themselves.. by FIRST putting their “religion” back in its place – OUT of government.

  • Eric

    When boiling a frog you have to raise the temperature very slowly. AK Party in Turkey are very good at this. But in Egypt the Sunnis have made two recent strategic mistakes: to stack the consitutional convention and to try and overturn the dissolution of Parliament. Both make them seem impatient for power and alarm the military and the non-Sunnis.

    In Turkey AK allowed the military to come under pressure to reform and when the chance came they colonised them by purging secular nationalists in favour of sympathetic officers. This now won’t be feasible in Egypt.

  • Keith McLennan

    predominately? predominantly!

  • Russ

    Not sure this entirely adds up: this article makes the classic American analysis error of thinking that the Sunnis are monolithic.

    For instance, the Saudis are clealry waging a proxy war against the Alawite Syrian regime. However, the Saudis do *not* support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt — they’ve been all-in (to the tune of several billion dollars) for SCAF.

    I suspect we see it as a Sunni Surge primarily because that’s the primary religious and ethical base of the populations of the region. And then, what of Libya, where the Liberals appear to have blunted the Islamists in the party elections?

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