Google Taking the Lead on “Reshoring” Movement?
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  • Unfortunately the Nexus Q is little more than a $100 Apple TV but costs $300. It lacks compelling competitive advantages from what the technorati are saying – so it may well flop. The new 7inch Android tablet is made by Asus, an excellent Taiwanese company. I don’t know if manufacturing costs caused the Q to cost too much for what it is, but it is more expensive than the new 7 inch Nexus tablet which is a much more complex product going for $199. Color me skeptical on this one. .

  • Anthony

    Reshoring has economic advantages for some manufacturing interests – human capital, costs shifts, smart machines, etc. – but as mentioned manufacturing will no longer be employment provider fondly remembered by many Americans.

  • Gary L.

    Nor is this purely a patriotic gesture on the part of Google—

    Google is not exactly renowned for its patriotic gestures….

  • Mick The Reactionary

    I’m curious what is larger, number of jobs paying more than $20K+/year + benefits that have returned or number of published articles about them.

    I bet on the latter.
    Two reasons some many pundits write these mis-informing articles:

    1. Deep down many free-trade ideologues know that they are wrong

    2. Lots of it is propaganda for Joe Six Pack consumption payed for by big importers like WalMart or outsourcers like Indian software plantations.

  • Eurydice

    Well, according to a Boston Globe article from a couple of weeks ago, European high-tech companies have been “flocking” into the area.

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