Getting A Super-Cheap Mortgage
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  • Jim.

    “The US government wants all its citizens to live neat little lives in neat little boxes”

    This is true of efficiency-oriented bureaucrats of any type, because it allows them to implement generalized rules over a massive number of cases very quickly.

    There is no way to fight this tendency, though there are a couple of ways to fight its ill effects. One is to decentralize the decision making, so that the rules don’t have to cover as many cases and so can be more flexible. The other way to fight it is to reduce the number of general rules overall, just leaving people more freedom to stand or fail on their own.

  • Lexington Green

    The Blue Model is about extinguishing self employment and startups and innovation.

    If, as I expect, Mr. Obama is reelected, he will double down on trying to destroy the small business sector. For his approach to work he has to have a nation of employees working directly for the government or for businesses which must treat the government as their main client. The innovation we need and should be seeing is far from inevitable. More likely it will not be allowed to happen in the USA.

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