Iran Digs In Its Heels as Sanctions Bite Harder
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  • Jim.

    They still haven’t driven up the price of chicken as much as animal-rights types have in California with their absurd “ovine Lebensraum” regulations.

  • Walter Sobchak

    If you want to understand how much impact sanctions will have on Iran, look at North Korea, whose rulers lack the religious fanaticism of Iran’s by a factor of one million.

    The NoKo rulers are willing to let their people eat grass, rather than change their ways. The mullahs of Iran, want their people to die for them and call those deaths martyrdom.

    Sanctions may well make the Iranians miserable, but they will not deflect the will of their rulers by a millimeter.

  • RAZ

    My understanding is that Foggy Bottom has waived the application of the sanctions re purchases of oil being made by Iran’s top customers, including China and India. If those waivers had not been extended, what would the result have been in terms of Iran’s ability to contest the nuclear issue?

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