For U.S., No Worries in Brazil-China Currency Swap
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  • John Minehan

    I like their take better, especially since China is buying lots and lots of Gold.

    I quite like the idea of a gold-backed reserve currency. May not work, but a clever idea.

  • Renminbi as a reserve currency? Let’s see, state owned banking system, controlled by a Leninist Party, in a highly secretive, corrupt society with no rule of law, and zero experience. What could possibly go wrong?

  • kev

    “If we pursue smart economic policies and smart monetary policies, the dollar cannot help but remain a valuable, in-demand, and trusted currency”

    HAHAHA!! This last decade of fiscal and monetary policies has been a joke. A national deficit that has gone parabolic by Bush and Obama and Bernanke pursuing twist and QE.

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