Pak High Court Tries to Fire PM As Scandal Touches Chief Justice
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  • John D

    Wow! That’s pretty impressive. I didn’t realize that Pakistan had passed a budget.

    Maybe we should send Harry Reid there.

  • Grumm

    “Pakistan is a country where nothing works: a military without strategy, leaders without vision, politicians without patriotism, courts without law, businesses without integrity, too many religious “leaders” who preach hate.”

    Not that there’s anything wrong with multi-culti.

  • werewife

    I had the mixed pleasure of living in Pakistan at the dawn of the ’70s, when the Westernized Anglo-Pakistani upper class put in place by the Raj was still in charge. Hope was high, fun was had, educated people still dreamed of a Third Way, and soon enough they’d be avenged upon India. Now look. Talk about being clobbered by history. It’s fashionable now to complain that Israel is an artificial country from 1947, with arbitrary borders left over from the colonial era; set up as a religious homeland for a fractious, unassimilable minority; a brutal tyranny under sham democratic institutions; determined to seize the territory of its neighbors; oppressive of its minorities and warlike to the rest of the world; the most dangerous flashpoint of our times. All of this is true – but of Pakistan!

  • Robert Hanson

    Hey, at least they’ve passed a budget. The US Congress hasn’t managed that since BO has been POTUS. The last 3 budgets he has proposed have been voted down, but only by 100% of Congress. And Harry Reid won’t let any Republican proposed budget even come to a vote….

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