Australia Plans Protected Marine Areas as Large as India
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  • Jim.

    To [heck] with how “delicate” these places are — are they spawning grounds for the sorts of fish we’re pulling out of the ocean at such a pheomenal rate? That’s what we urgently need to protect.

    Eh, it’s nice to protect at least part of Great Barrier Reef too.

  • Corlyss

    “banning oil and gas exploration and limiting commercial fishing”

    stupid, stupid, stupid

  • Eric

    “by swimming … in those waters”

    Very few people swim anywhere around the Great Barrier Reef…due to the large box jellyfish and the smaller Irukandji jellyfish. I wouldn’t recommend trying.

  • Walter Sobchak

    I think that it is arrogant and ultimately immoral for any country to deprive a hungry and needy world of resources. If Australia can declare that much territory off limits, why should China respect that declaration? Because the Aussies are white? I don’t think so.

  • Jim.

    Guys, if Oz is doing this right, the fact that there are some areas off-limits to fishing means that there will be a lot more fish in the areas where fishing is still allowed.

    Someone more informed about this could well come back and say they’re not doing it “right”; but the fact is if fishing stocks aren’t allowed some refuge areas to replenish themselves in, that’s like eating your seed corn.

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