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  • PBC

    Hey, today is my birthday. June 12 is a special day in history, at least from my perspective!

  • Ed Snyder

    Why was it ignoble for Congress to vote to give aid to a group that was fighting a Communist regime allied with Castro?

    If you were to say that the Contras violated human rights, Mr. Mead, then I would take your word. But Cuba with no effective opposition has not exactly been a shining example of human rights itself.

  • Soul

    And also on this date, big Happy 60’th Birthday!

  • stan

    Why was aid to the Contras bad? Opposition to communists in Berlin is good, but opposition to them in the Americas is bad?

    Perhaps you object that the Contras were not pure as the driven snow? Then obviously it was a mistake to ally with Stalin in WWII.

    Geez, with the corruption in DC and the murderous Fast and Furious actions of our government, maybe we shouldn’t even ally with ourselves.

  • Ed Snyder

    Happy Birthday, PBC! 🙂

  • jeff landaw

    I think the comment could be taken to mean that having to reverse was an ignoble but necessary move. Dr. Mead?

  • kris

    [email protected] beat me to it: Happy Birthday.

  • dearieme

    “In 1898, Philippine nationalists declare independence from Spain” only to get a new Imperial Master, which used concentration camps in its war to suppress them.

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