China to Mirror: “Stop Calling Me Fat”
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  • Interesting about that personal air quality monitor. I’ve passed this on to a sister who has had a years-long battle with a local potato grower over airborne pesticide drift onto her property. I haven’t been much help other than joining her in refusing to eat french fries from the fast-food chain where a lot of these potatoes end up.

  • Embassies are extraterritorial. Information wants to be free.

  • Richard S

    “China’s real problem is that many of its citizens no longer trust what their government tells them.” No longer? When did they start trusting again?

  • Kansas Scott

    The US embassy puts this information out using its Twitter account. Twitter is blocked in China by its Great Firewall internet block. Thousands of Chinese read the US Embassy Twitter account.

    You start to think something may be a little screwy with the Chinese system.

  • Clean air is a luxury that China cannot yet afford. I think the Chinese people know that. The air was that dirty in Chattanooga when I was growing up. It was still full of soot in NYC as late as 1965; I can remember ring around the collar in less than eight hours.

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