Argentina Talks Tough on Falklands
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  • The local residents have no interest in being incorporated into Argentina and Argentina has no legitimate interest in the territory in question. You cannot purchase national loyalty. Also, the territory is not notably productive and there were never more than a few dozen hispanophones on the islands, the last of them ejected by the U.S. Navy in 1831, some 22 years before the foundation of the Argentine Republic.

    The Argentine government does not care to inveigle the population in question because they fancy the territory is theirs by right and the locals just better take it. The whole dispute is a stupid and asinine manifestation of the political grievance culture you find here, there, and the next place. It is not specific to Argentina. It is really a parody of revanchism. The real thing you find in the Near East (and found in Germany between 1930 and 1945); it is much more destructive.

  • But don’t you understand? Decolonization will never be complete until those local populations once tyrannized over by distant European powers are COMPLETELY set free – free to be yet more unsympathetically and brutally tyrannized by geographically more proximate anti-colonial powers (Cf. Japan – subheading: Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere).

    And when you think about it, why shouldn’t the locals undergo some pretty massive overhauling for a decent length of time? How else can one be sure their precious minds have been altogether de-corrupted from colonialist influence? Indeed, can one EVER be sure?

    “It is amazing and horribly telling that Argentina woos the Kelpers — as Falkland residents are often called – by penalties and threats. The alternative, a love offensive, offering the islanders deals and incentives to attract them into wanting to become citizens, doesn’t have the same appeal in Buenos Aires.”

    But don’t you SEE? It’s the PRINCIPLE of the thing! How utterly neocolonialist of you too, to suggest we proud, hold-our-head-up-HIGH formerly colonized should to stoop to such expedients as wooing and coaxing. Believe me, when you’ve been WRONGED as we have, you don’t take kindly to advice about prudence and discretion and pragmatism. The only words you want to hear concern things of substance: Legalities and RIGHTS. And believe you me, we KNOW ours. You’re asking us to be, what – PERSUASIVE? On the contrary, we’ll DEMAND more than ever. And after that, watch out . . .

    * * * *

    And you know – mock outrage aside (i.e., on a slightly more serious note) – is there any inherent reason why values and assumptions of political discourse that have worked so well on the domestic level shouldn’t be yet further extended and entrenched in the international arena?

  • cubanbob

    Forget it Jake, Its Argentina.

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