The Neighborhood Looks Inward at Afghanistan
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  • Anthony

    Are we trying to shape events on the ground after our departure date? We will still have assets in Afghanistan (trainers, special forces, etc.) after withdrawal; what are our strategic goals – are India, SCO, and others being poised to have post NATO presence? The idea neighborhood looks inward reads like strategy for Afghanistan stability post NATO/American withdrawal.

  • WigWag

    Maybe, just maybe, if Karzai plays his cards correctly he can get the Indians to whisper in his ear some of those extraordinary health care secrets that have so inspired and titillated the staff of Via Meadia.

  • “[Karzai’s] power will grow even more shaky if Pakistan rejects its neighbors’ concerns and doubles down on its support for the Taliban and other Pashtun radicals.”

    And if that happens, then as I see it the NEXT big question is whether China in turn will double down on its support of Pakistan, to the detriment of India, Iran and Russia, or whether Beijing will continue being supportive of its more rational (i.e., non-Salafi) neighbors’ Central Asian security concerns. The problem is that people who consider themselves better than others often like to have what they call a “free hand” – and so, e.g., can end up doing things that “lesser” neighbors deem treacherous or unreliable. MY next question, then, is what can we all do to encourage – and so eventually solidify relations with – a more rational, less “superior” China?

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