When Even the IAEA Is Worried…
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  • John Burke

    It now costs $12 for a car to cross the George Washington Bridge from NJ to NY (and the tunnels too) and for some reason $13 to cross the Verrazano Bridge between Staten Island and Brooklyn–this despite the fact that these facilities were paid for decades ago. A single NYC subway or bus ride costs $2.50 (interesting history here; it took 60 years to go from five to fifteen cents but leaped from $0.15 to $2.50 in less than the next 60).

  • Kris

    “the agency believes the country had done demolition work at a military facility that may have been a site for the secret development of nuclear arms … an apparent attempt to clear the site of evidence of clandestine weapons-related work. ”

    In the spirit of brotherhood and cooperation, I believe that the international community should aid Iran in its “demolition work”. Such aid should not be grudging, but rather speedy and thorough.

    I await my Nobel Peace Prize.

  • If all the countries listed were actually “deeply concerned” they’d do something about it.

    “Concern,” as is “caring,” is binary – one cares anough to DO something about it, or one doesn’t care and simply is wringing their hands uselessly. The leaders of these nations seem content to wring their hands.

    The leaders of one or all of the nations mentioned, but particularly the USA, either can go down in history as the leader that could have STOPPED ahmadinejad (as Hitler could have been stopped in 1938) but chose not to – and millions died, for anyone thinking Iran wil not USE their bomb as soon as they have it is deluded.

  • Corlyss

    One thing we may all rely on: if Iran’s march to a bomb is to be stopped, it won’t be because of anything the IAEA ever did or said. Their unspoken madate is to never be the cause, even indirectly, of a military action against a nuclear threat.

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