The War on the Young—in Spain
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  • thibaud

    Once again, WRM’s obsession with public sector unions leads him to make the leap from a valid data point to an absurd conclusion. He can’t seem to get this bugbear off his mind, even when the subject at hand is not the public sector but the private sector where the vast majority of jobs reside.

    Spain’s PRIVATE SECTOR unions, like those of France, have for decades caused that nation’s PRIVATE SECTOR employers to retain older workers at the expense of hiring younger ones.

    With almost no exceptions, America’s >90%-nonunion PRIVATE SECTOR employers do not face any such pressure.

    In fact, in the sector showing the most robust employment growth in the US economy – the software and gaming segment of high tech – the evidence is very strong that WRM has it exactly backwards: young and (relatively) cheap workers are favored over older, (relatively) expensive employees.

    Again, the “blue model” canard here is a complete distraction from the reality, which is that US employers post-crash are doing everything they can to avoid hiring workers in the US. You can blame this on some mirage called “uncertainty,” but a much more likely reason is our absurd linkage of employment and health insurance that results in a sky-high marginal cost of hiring a worker in the US.

    Sever this link, expand medicare to all, proceed with other health insurance reforms, and you’ll see the US unemployment rate drop swiftly as US firms’ marginal hiring cost falls.

  • JKB

    Seems the solution would be for more entrepreneurship to go around the obstacles. Of course, even in the US there is a bias against becoming an evil business owner among the young. But, in the US, innovation is still prized. As such, with an effort to cut the red tape and facilitate small business creation, many young people could find their new path. And, discounting those who go from zero to billions before they every pay their own rent, small business owners aren’t really blue staters having the government man on their back 24/7 and all.

    At some point the young will wake up in the occupy tent and realize, if not them, then who and start taking responsibility for their future. Which, without corporate hiring, means being owner/operator/chief employee.

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