Medvedev Nukes Russia’s Stock Market
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  • thibaud

    My, my is the author excitable. Russian equities, like young tech companies or small caps or natural resource companies, carry higher risk and are therefore going to have greater price swings in any period vis-a-vis blue chips.

    A fall of 3% is nothing out of the ordinary for an emerging-nation stock market, which is invariably going to be less liquid and more volatile than an advanced-nation stock market.

  • rkka

    “Instead of a moderate, responsible and focused leadership aimed at reforming and restructuring an increasingly ramshackle economic structure…”

    Russia got through the worst of 2008-2009 with an increasing birth rate, and is ahead of the 2010 “optimistic” projection for a population of 147,000,000 by 2025.

    On the other hand, in EU/NATO member Latvia, births have dropped over 20% since 2008, and the Latvian government had its policy response to the global financial collapse run by the mouldering bones of Herbert Hoover’s Treasury Secretary Andrew W. Mellon:

    “Liquidate… Liquidate… Liquidate…”

    Deaths there now exceed births by over 1.5 to 1.

    So… whose economic structure is “ramshackle”?

  • rkka
  • thibaud

    Here’s hoping the author takes some time to get better educated about Russia before he ships out to Smolny.

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