Sanctions Hit Iran Hard
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  • Cunctator

    And meanwhile we read, almost daily, of reports that the Iranian nuclear programme is progressing toward its goal of a bomb. The purpose behind the imposition of the oil sanctions is no closer to being achieved than it was a year ago. I think it is highly probable that we will be reading about how effective the sanctions were at damaging the Iranian economy even after Tehran detonates a nuclear device.

  • thibaud

    Sanctions likely won’t dissuade the Iranian leadership. They’ll continue the program underground, and Western leaders will pretend that the program has stopped when it fact it’s continuing.

    This is likely because no Persian leader, be he religious or secular, regal or democratic, excitable or coldly calculating, will give up the drive for nuclear weapons capability. It’s in their view an essential attribute of regional hegemony, which in the Persian self-image is less an aspiration than a self-evident fact.

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