Hot Religion Update: Kashmiri Grand Mufti Attacks Ahmadiyyas
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  • Kris

    “Via Meadia would like to hear denunciations of barbarous violence against Ahmadiyyas in Pakistan and elsewhere by groups of prominent Islamic clerics”

    Here you go.

  • Why only Islamic clerics? Liberals of all types in India and outside have been silent on this issue. And the persecution of a Christian priest for proselytizing in Kashmir.

  • Mark in Texas

    “Via Meadia has pointed to signs of improvement in India-Pakistan relations led by the civilian side of Pakistan’s sometimes schizophrenic government.”

    That article about Pakistan and India agreeing to separate economic and security discussions points out a possible way to lowering tensions and improving the lives of people in both India and Pakistan.

    There is another thing that could be done that would improve conditions in Afghanistan and other countries in the region as well as India and Pakistan. That would be to build a railroad across Afghanistan from the Khyber Pass through Kabul to connect to the Soviet legacy railroad network on Afghanistan’s northern border.

    A railroad would be an economical way to send exports from India to the markets of western Asia as well as send raw materials from those countries to India. It would also be a modernizing and stabilizing influence on Afghanistan. Mohamed Karzai is often regarded as little more than the mayor of Kabul. A railroad would help expand the city limits.

    A railroad enabling trade between India, Pakistan and the southwest Asian countries would generate enough wealth that raw greed would exert pressure to minimize the violent disruptions that benefit some political factions in that part of the world.

  • Cunctator

    I think it can only be to our benefit if the various strains of the “peaceful and tolerant religion” are attacking each other. I think a couple of good jihads against one another — Sufis and Salafists — would do us very well.

  • Kris is funny.

  • Kris

    [email protected]: Thanks. I get that often, though in widely varying tones. 🙂

    If I may take the opportunity to offer a genuine suggestion: could you please reduce your use of tinyurl? I doubt I’m the only one who is not eager to start clicking on anonymous URLs. A mere suggestion.

  • Walter Sobchak

    Ah, the religion of peace.

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