Iran Sanctions: Dissension In The Ranks?
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  • Anthony

    interconnected world envelopes Iranian sanctions – economics are always a factor (P&I clubs just most vocal concern) even more so as European Union grapples with its fiscal choices.

  • Cunctator

    Yup, the best hope for a peaceful solution is to keep turning the economic screws. Then, one day, the government in question will decide it has little left to lose and, guess what, it will do something no one expects — like start a war, maybe. Oh wait, that’s a scenario from 1941 and no one behaves like that anymore. Iran will just concede and peace will reign. Aren’t we lucky the world is a much nicer place these days?

  • rkka

    I recall 2002. Folks were unalterably convinced that Saddam had an active nuke weapons program *this close* to Trinity. Colin Powell knew the risks: “What if we march from one end of Iraq to the other and find nothing?”


    And now, many of the very same folks are trying to convince us that the Iranian nuke weapons program is *this close* to Trinity.

    Fortunately, it isn’t going quite so well this time around.

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