Was Ike To Truman as Obama is to Bush?
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  • Kenny

    “… the close similarities between the Bush and Obama approaches to America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

    While not literally incorrect, that sentence is sloppy prose and even subtly misleading given that Obama is following George Bush’s lead.

    Mr. Mead’s sentence should read, “Obama is following Bush’s approach to America’s wars in … “

  • Anthony

    “Don’t expect either party to talk much about it this year, but American foreign policy today is about as bipartisan as it ever gets” is very timely and truthful assessment WRM. Moreover, your simile (Ike to Truman as Obama is to Bush) has resonance in this instance.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    “the public perception that Eisenhower was a strong and capable foreign policy leader did wonders for his poll numbers.”

    Obama is NOT seen as a strong and capable foreign policy leader. His many missteps, broken campaign promises, and the contempt with which he is viewed by foreign leaders, has seriously weakened US prestige. Ike would never have disrespected our Allies, and groveled before our enemies the way Obama has done.

    P.S. You shouldn’t act as Obama’s apologist, with such a forced analogy, trying to equate Obama with Ike is much too favorable to Obama and insulting to Ike. Ike is an acknowledged strong leader and victorious WWII General, while Obama is seen as weak, cowardly, and in over his head.

  • Eric from Texas

    I can’t see how Obama can get any credit for lowering the national and international rhetoric about Gitmo. The current silence of Europeans and the American Left shows their rank hypocrisy. It wasn’t about Gitmo, it was all about their visceral dislike of Bush.

  • Sad.

  • thibaud

    This is a shrewd and fascinating piece.

    Without question, Eisenhower is the most underrated president of the last 100 years. Those of us who have our quarrels with Obama will nonetheless grant that his “speak softly and carry a big drone” prosecution of the war on terror has been excellent.

    If only we could get to a bipartisan consensus on this side of the water’s edge, on issue such as fixing our broken banks, pensions, immigration policy and health insurance non-system…

  • Walter Sobchak

    Eisenhower was a great Patriot, a Great American, and a great President. And so was Harry Truman. Obama resembles no one from that era other than Henry Wallace. And Wallace had done more for his country before he got into politics, than Obama could dream of, even if he were dreaming of the drunken communist lout who was his biological father.

    If foreign leftists and islamists are disappointed with Obama, that is too bad. We, the People of the United States of America, hereby invite them to sit on it and spin.

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