Law Firm Meltdown Fallout Worsens
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  • Mrs. Davis

    To the Dewey partners who pursued a frivolous lawsuit against me and my management team for 9 years, lost at every trial, including a petition for certiorari, billed their client more than the amount the client claimed in damages, I can only wish for a life time of penury and poverty.Live by BK, die by BK.

  • Kris

    Ha ha ha, those 1% parasites are going bankrupt! Serves them right, let’s see how they like living in our shoes, those greedy bastiches!

    Hey! How come the government is instituting austerity measures? Whaddayamean tax revenues are down? How did that happen?

  • Walter Sobchak

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

  • eon

    I feel for the employees who are getting the shaft here, but I just can’t come up with much sympathy for those on top.

    We’re talking about the “1%” of the “1%” who, being tort lawyers, were absolutely certain that The One’s “tax the rich to oblivion” and OWS’ “Give the 1%’s money to us, the 99%” screeds would not touch them.

    Why? Because, being the sort of lawyers who attack the favorite targets of The One and OWS, they were “the good guys”, and thus would not suffer the fate of all those “fat cats” when the (egalitarian socialist) revolution they longed for came down.

    They forgot that you can’t always count on “pull” to shield you from the consequences of your own poor decisions.

    My heart does not bleed for them.



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