Wisconsin Votes In Recall Primary
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  • david

    If you believe InTrade, Barrett is a 19:1 favorite over Falk right now. This race has all the drama of betting on a sunrise.

    I will say, my local political scientist who pays attention to these things thinks that Walker-Barrett is a coin toss. I’m more inclined to believe the gambling line, tho.

    Also worth noting that UW-Madison has adjourned for the summer by June 5. If the Demos could have kept it in their pants until fall, I think I’d like their chances better.

  • Mrs. Davis

    Today’s election is about whether Wisconsin’s Democrats want to sustain the Blue Model or whether they are ready to repudiate it. And if they repudiate it, as seems likely, organized labor will have to reconcile itself to a very difficult reality. The post election Unity rally has been cancelled by the Democrat Party. This cannot bode well for either the unions or the Democrats.

    Likewise, conservatives and libertarians have to be disappointed in the success of Romney and the Republican establishment. Perhaps this represents both parties shedding their ideological engines in order to reach a consensus acceptable to the middle. Or perhaps the parties are next for tectonic shifts as well.

  • Mark Michael

    I’ve just read that some Republican primary voters plan to cross over and vote for Kathleen Falk, since she would be the weaker candidate against Walker. I suspect that’s too clever by half for most R voters. They need to make sure that Walker gets enough votes to beat any fringe R candidates that might happen to be on the ballot.

    Of course, given the intensity of the political fight in Wisconsin for that last year + 3 months, that kind of scheming hardly is beyond the ken of the primary-class R voter! He’s no dummy, now.

  • JMock

    A race worth watching is an understatment IMO…if Walker Loses in June I will consider us all to be ungovernable.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    The Labor Gangs are all back on their heels, and fighting a defensive fight to retain all their extorted benefits and perks. Any wins they get in the next few years are only to retain the status quo, if you can call that winning. I expect the unjustified monopoly powers enjoyed by the Labor Gangs will soon be a thing of the past, just as the rest of the inefficient Blue Model will go into the dust bin of history eventually as well.

  • Mark Michael

    Well, Barrett beat Falk decisively in the D primary yesterday. So lots of union dollars went up in smoke with Falk’s loss. Barrett angered the Milwaukee-area government unions because he refused to support their wage demands while he was mayor (I think it was – some local exec position). In fact, I believe he’s already taken advantage of Gov. Walker and the R’s new Act 10 law and used it to save Milwaukee County money! In other words, the primary reason that the unions pushed for the Walker recall got sidelined with the loss of Falk. His campaign ads don’t discuss unions, but rather the economy as I understand.

    If Barrett defeats Walker for Gov. come June 5th, we’ll have to see what he does as governor. I think at least one of the houses of the legislature will remain in the hands of the R’s. I assume those R’s would block any attempt to repeal Act 10. (A governor can veto things, but he can’t make laws. Well, he can use executive orders within certain areas, but I’m not sure how much Barrett could do as a new governor that way. Or would even want to.)

    Having said that, I suspect (hope!) that Walker retains the governorship. If he doesn’t it will send a bad signal to the other “blue” states around the country: resistance isn’t totally futile! The better message is the opposite.

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