Forget Europe: Watch India
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  • Kenny

    The economies of the ENTIRE world, Mr. Mead, depend on a healthy West.

  • Byron

    The various factors Cowen identifies as primary contributors to India’s slowdown are almost without exception problems of government over-taxing and over-regulating economic activity.

    Somebody call Ripley.

  • Anthony

    Global economy in 2012 is both fragile and unbalanced – Asian economies are exposed to China and you’re right attention need to be paid beyond Europe.

  • I think the point is that Europe (and/or China) would affect us, India wouldn’t. It’s not just about numbers, but whose numbers. (Granted, I didn’t bother to read the article: in the name of economy you sometimes just have to guess.)

  • Corlyss

    Forget Europe. Watch India!

    Over at and for years when Batchelor was on ABC Radio before Sept. 06 Batchelor regularly said the same thing. The 21st Century might still be an American century, but it is also the Century of the World’s Largest Democracy (India) and the World’s Largest Totalitarian State (China). They are scratchy neighbors, and how they resolve their disagreements will shape much of the 21st Century and beyond.

  • Corlyss

    The time you saved not reading the article you should spend reading Kaplan’s Monsoon about why the world’s focus is shifting from the Atlantic states to the Indian Ocean states. At the very least, you’ll read some beautiful writin’, along with the powerful insights, at no extra charge.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    All of the BRICS economies are built on an export model, dependent on manipulation of their currency to gain a price advantage for their exporting businesses. This means that if the importing Nations are in a slump and can’t buy as much of the exporters products, then the exporters are going to see a slump as well. If the BRICS want to see strong growth they are going to have to encourage their own internal markets, and make things easy and profitable for entrepreneurs.

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