Former Iraqi VP Charged with Murder
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  • During Saddam’s 23 years in power he killed 450,000 according to Human Rights Watch. That doesn’t include those that died in his various wars – just the number he found necessary to kill to keep order and himself in power. With a population of about 25 million he killed about 19.5 thousand a year on average or a bit less than 1% of the population on an annual basis. Of course it wasn’t a nice steady rate. About 150,000 Shiites were discovered in mass graves after the 2003 invasion who had been killed to put down the post 1991 war uprising. I’m no fan of ‘duty to protect,’ but we protected the Kurds during that same period and left the Shiites to fend for themselves. I still shake my head in sorrow for that bit of political realism and am not sorry that we overthrew Saddam – despite the cost in Iraqi and American lives and bitter lessons learned. I think Maliki is a lot easier to understand if we remember what the Shiites suffered at Saddam’s hands. I don’t know how many people are dying in iraq in this ongoing power struggle but I am confident that it is nothing like 1% of the population per annum.

  • Kenny

    Iraq is going to fall apart before too long.

    Trying to make a decent country out of it was always a fool’s errant. Thank you neocons.

  • Jbird

    I figure every iraqi politician worth his salt has his own personal death squad.

  • Kris

    I was delightedly going to reserve “Fool Errant” as a future nick. I should have known that it was too obvious.

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