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  • Cunctator

    It is absolutely hilarious (and extraordinarily insulting to the rest of the world) for any Turkish official to complain about the treatment of Turks abroad. Given that country’s genocide of Armenians (for which it has never admitted any guilt), its campaign of terror and repression against Kurds, its intolerance of Alevis and Christians, its flouting of the rule of law and independence of judges, and, now, its slowly growing repression of women, Ankara should remain quiet whenever anyone anywhere discusses human rights.

    The only reason that Turkey avoids criticism is because there are far too many people who have been convinced (rather too easily) that the Erdogan government is at heart liberal democratic, rather than Islamist.

  • Kris

    Perhaps Kılıçdaroğlu could seek asylum in Iraq? 🙂

  • Kris

    Cunctator, how dare you comment here?! Don’t you know that the Turkish Press Reviews/Roundups are my exclusive playground? What is this blog coming to?


  • Cunctator

    Mea culpa!!!

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