The Sun Is Setting on Eastern Germany’s Solar Industry
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  • Walter Sobchak

    The southernmost major city in Germany is Munich, which is north of Seattle, the northernmost major city in the US, outside of Alaska. Why the Germans thought they could use solar panels for anything other than snow sheds is beyond me, and it brings the vaunted German analytical capability into severe question.

  • Brett

    @Walter Sobchak

    It’s because they won’t use nuclear power anymore, and the other alternatives are wind and imported Russian natural gas. Since wind power isn’t doing so hot, that leaves imported natural gas, which Germany will likely become even more dependent on in the next decade.

  • Brett

    EDIT: There’s coal, too, which Germany is also becoming more dependent on with the stagnation and decline in nuclear power there.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Governments are incompetent at picking successful products, or even useful subjects of research. Remember how Japan was going to takeover the chip market with government directed industrial development through their MITI agency, and how a consortium of chip makers in the US put together a company to develop cheap memory chips, and beat the Japanese without using a single taxpayer dime?

    Governments and Politicians are arrogant know-it-alls and think they can just order something and throw money at it and it will just happen. But they are coming to realize that they are incompetent at hunting the Green Unicorn, and if they want to eat, they are going to have to put something less illusive and more practical on the table.

    Because Unicorn is NOT what’s for dinner.
    Obama will have the stir fried dog with soy sauce.

  • Jbird

    How large a roll do green indulgences and environmental tax credits play a roll in these poor and seemingly illogical investment choices? I believe that solar power will eventually be a good power source, but our technology is still too inefficient to produce large scale power plants based on the sun.

    @Walter: last I heard solar power was proving a boondoggle in sunny Spain as well.

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