Cursing Is Legal (at least, for now, in Texas…)
Published on: April 25, 2012
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  • Jbird

    If you are not a strict naturalist don’t you have to acknowledge that cursing can, though not necessarily, have efficacy for Christian and pagan alike? Even so, I think imprecatory prayer in poor taste especially when given for a specific individual. why would a Christian consider troubles and hardships for their own sake to be a better outcome than a change of heart and redemption in one’s enemies? God often uses the difficulties in one’s life to bring about repentance, redemption, and sanctification; and yet why would I pray for the specific methodology rather than the end result?

  • WigWag

    Professor Berger neglected to mention that Weinstein is a much decorated Air Force officer who served in the White House Counsels office during the Reagan Administration. He happens to be a staunch Republican, a patriot and although secular, a proud Jewish-American.

    During Weinstein’s student years at the Air Force Academy he experienced (or so he claims) numerous incidents of anti Semitism at the hands of evangelical Protestant faculty. According to Weinstein the air force academy was a hot bed of proselytizing which targeted Jews, Muslims and Roman Catholics alike.

    Years later when Weinstein’s son followed in his footsteps and matriculated at the Air Force Academy, Weinstein was shocked to learn that the situation had grown even worse. Discrimination against Jews and constant harangues about discovering Jesus were the rule not the exception.

    Weinstein brought suit in Federal Court but it was thrown out on a technicality (a standing issue). Nevertheless Weinstein and his son were vindicated when the Air Force admitted that the Academy presented an inhospitable climate for cadets who were not evangelicals. New leaders were recruited to run the Air Force Academy, the offending faculty was warned to comply with Air Force policies prohibiting evangelization on campus and numerous other policies and procedures that encouraged discriminatory policies were modified.

    Weinstein turned out to be a hero while Klinginstein is little more than a nut job masquerading as a Christian.

  • Richard A

    Cursing in God’s name wouldn’t be witchcraft, would it? I think Klingenstein would have been safe in Salem in 1692. If he had invoked Satan to bring misfortune upon his enemy, that would be witchcraft.

  • Jbird

    Wigwag: not knowing the particulars, I’d say that proselytizing in not necessarily antisemitism. Jesus was in fact a Jew. So were Peter & Paul. I’ve been invited to synagog before. I wasn’t offended.

  • Russell

    Mr. Weinstein may have gotten his way when the Air Force Academy leadership chose to join his jihad against the evangelicals, but that is not the same thing as vindication. His general position seems to be that freedom of religion exists if and only if the government suppresses the freedom of evangelical Christians to practice their religion. This point of view seems self-contradictory, and yet common among avowed atheists. I would ask him about this but he might hit me.

  • The United States is practically alon ein the world when it comes to freedom of expression. Even our supposedly liberal neighbor to the north proscribes so-called “hate speech.” This is part of what American Exceptionalism means, and I am for it!

  • Werner cohn

    The current litigation is not about “hate speech” (which nobody challenges in and of itself) but “hate crime,” which is a different matter altogether.

  • Bill Rogers

    Praise the Lord God, Jesus Christ, the God who is there and who is not silent. Jeremiah 17:18 is a Prayer of Imprecation as is Psalms 109, and Matthew 25:31-46. Luke 11:46 says, “WOE to you lawyers!” If you actually DID what God said, in Matthew 25:36, you would write Prayers of Imprecation to the legal, prison, and parole authorities in Texas who are “lying wonders”, and visit prisoners. Many of the women are in prison behind those lies of Texas, and the actions of a guy. The women need to be released TODAY. I know of 40 + who do, and are innocent of charges. So, may Psalm 109 come upon ALL of those who have sentenced these women some to life sentences, for something they did not do, judges and prosecutors, and defense who do nothing.

  • Rob

    We found the ticket to ending the partisan divide…

    a bipartisan retreat to Israel to put one serious curse on the IRS!

    Throw in the DMV and you’ll have full blown Atheists speaking in tongues!

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