Will Sarkozy Go From Power To Jail?
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  • Anthony

    Real-life Leviathans are composed of human beings, with all the greed and foolishness we should expect of a specimen of Homo sapiens. President Sarkozy’s behavior may fit the pattern

    John Locke “recognized that people in power would be tempted to exempt themselves from the obedience to the Laws they make, and suit the Law…to their own private wish, and thereby come to have a distinct Interest from the rest of the Community, contary to the end of Society and Government.” Therein WRM is line of thinking illustrating your eternal vigilance call to democratic citizenry – indeed a price of freedom.

  • Hammered at Trinite sur Mer

    Well, at least he hasn’t raped any maids (or human trafficking victims, or journalists, or…).

  • “democracy loses respect when whole political classes are revealed to be venal and thuggish . . .”

    To say nothing of autocracies like China. At least democracies can clean house.

  • Andrew Allison

    @1 hit the nail on the head.
    wrt “But we think that reasonable tax rates, fairly and impartially enforced, are necessary.” I couldn’t agree more, and suggest that the USA should lead by example in this regard (fat chance!).

  • JLK

    Dr Mead

    This is a perfect example of why “taxing the wealthy” does not work. All it does is create a (small) class of individuals with the resources to cheat or use all the loopholes at their disposal to REDUCE their tax burden.

    And speaking of Europeans. So many blues are enamored with their Social Welfare States while knowing zero about the way their tax systems work. In Europe it’s the Middle and Working Classes who pay for the “stripping Nuns”. Their tax systems are much less progressive than the US and the wealthy still have all kinds of opportunities to skip around tax liabilities.

    I have an Austrian friend who has gone from being a multi-millionaire to a billionaire during the years of our friendship. In his home country which contains around half his business empire, he has enjoyed tax credits of 250mil euros through various manipulations of the code and deal making.

    It is no wonder France has had 5 Republics to date with more to come I am sure.

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