Least Surprising News of the Day
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  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    I like it! This is cultural evolution in action. The backward Eygptian people are watching and learning, they are getting lessons in Democracy, and the Rule of Law.

  • Albert

    Dear Mr. Obama,

    Please fix the mess that you helped create. Surely you had a plan all along?


    The Egyptian People.

  • John

    JL – yes!

    Albert = pea-brain.

  • Egypt Steve

    Dear Albert: Please allow the Egyptian People the dignity to find their own way, and give up the fantasy that the U.S. does, or should, or can, control everything.


    Egypt Steve

  • darcy

    How come everything that goes wrong in the world is blamed on 3 people: Obama, Lebron James, and terrorists.

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