Chinese Evade Web Censors to Follow Bo Xilai Saga
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  • Jim.

    “Pathetic! How ignorant that such a high leader gets himself into such a mess,”

    Oh, Xiangbo, Xiangbo, Xiangbo. You have so much to learn about Democracy.

  • Jim.

    By the way, if the regime is trying to discredit Bo Xilai, isn’t siccing Bloggers on him about the fastest way to tear him (or any other politician) down?

    One wonders if this is a matter of getting sloppy, or a matter of being very, very careful.

  • Pray for China.

  • It is a lot harder, but perhaps not impossible, to control bloggers than it is to control the Ministry of Truth. The distributed nature of the Internet is eroding centralized command and control.

  • “In Wen’s remarks, he described China as either advancing toward reform or sliding back toward Cultural Revolution-style politics.”

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