Game Change in Syria?
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  • Corlyss

    “the Obama Administration’s approach to the ongoing Syria conflict has been one of the most muddled aspects of its foreign policy to date.”

    I realize that, with so many competitors for the honor, it’s impossible to pick a winner. When the US is unclear, chaos follows.

  • Fred

    _Last March, President Obama controversially bypassed Congress to intervene in Libya on humanitarian grounds, where America had few, if any, strategic interests. Yet in Syria, which is more geopolitically important, and where the humanitarian situation is even worse, the President has mostly refrained from action._

    And this surprises whom? I know from long experience in acedemia where politics ranging from left of center to left of Trotsky is the air they breathe, the left favors military action in inverse proportion to the national interest involved. Libya was “pure” because it didn’t have any nasty stench of American interests about it. Syria would be “imperialist” because it is drenched in that stench.

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