Bo Xilai Suspended From Politburo; Wife Arrested For Murder
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  • Anthony

    WRM, Bo Xilai saga reads below surface as power politics being executed at highest levels – “a feared enemy must be crushed completely.” To achieve ultimate victory, you must be ruthless (Napoleon Bonaparte)….

  • She shouted ‘Ah’ loudly, saying, ‘Falun Dafa is good.’ She said, ‘You killed me, one individual.’

    “Without anaesthetic, the live harvesting of human organs and selling them for money; is this something that a human could do?” Wen said at meeting of Party leaders, according to the source. “Things like this have happened for many years. We are about to retire, but it is still not resolved.”

    China hangs in the balance. I hope the Obama administration is making it clear that we will have no further truck with a government and a society that tolerates this. When has anything good come of doing business with other undemocratic world powers? The Germany of Kaiser Wilhelm? The Japan of Hirohito? This goes say beyond the issue of free trade.

  • More detail on that one horrific atrocity. This is not for the feint of heart but it does lay bare the nature of the forces in China that are now contending for power.

    To see where this is going I think we should keep an eye on Zhou Yongkang. He’s the head of the secret police — in fact all the police in China, nearly three million — and is the highest ranking official associated with Bo Xilai (not counting the Jiang Zemin, who has retired and is now reportedly on his death bed from natural causes).

  • More background. I have no way of knowing whether any of this is true — an assassination attempt against Hu Jintao in 2006? — but there is enough detail to make you wonder.

    References to Wen Jiabao’s chief bodyguard, deputy director of the Central Guard Regiment, Li Runtian” “as a spy for Bo — well, it is not too much to believe (when power is the final arbiter among ambitious men things like this are almost bound to happen) though which side to believe is another matter. I’m going with the Falun Gong side. The religious ones in other words. What does WRM think?

  • Here is some more “even-handed” background on the Chinese leadership (courtesy of WikiLeaks):

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