The Libyan Legacy: War and More War
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  • Kenny

    So remind us all again, Mr, Mead, just why did we “do Libya?”

  • Mrs. Davis

    Correction of more disfunctional European imposed borders. And I have a problem because?

  • Anthony

    “…any rationale that puts political interests ahead of the national interests is still ultimately an argument of scoundrels….” I believe there is nothing further to say.

  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that whenever a revolution begins with masked men in the back of pick-up trucks waving Kalishnikov rifles in the air it will come to no good end.

  • stuff

    @Mrs. Davis said: “Correction of more disfunctional European imposed borders.”

    But, but, but, then there’s less diversity!

  • Bob from Ohio

    Mali is not a “state” as we in the West think of one. Just a flag and lines in the desert.

    Africa would improve if the tribes all break off into natural mini-states.

    As would the Mideast–Kurds I’m looking at you.

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