Troll Watch: Syracuse, NY
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  • Kris

    If you’re looking for trolls near streams and canals, of course you won’t find many of them! Most trolls today stick close to our optical fiber information throughways. You can observe this yourself, when posts here get linked to by one of the high-traffic sites.

  • Corlyss

    Forget making the world safe for democracy! I want the world made safe for whimsy!

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Exterminate the Vermin
    This High Intensity Ultra Violet flashlight will Stone the Trolls, and has the added benefit of ashing in seconds those Blood Sucking Vampires.
    UP the Humano-Centric Ecology!!!
    Let those species that fail to find a niche in Mother Nature’s finest creation (The Humano-Centric Ecology) face our power and tremble!!!

  • Gary L

    Syracuse is also the home town of Terry McAuliffe, former head of the Democratic National Committee and close advisor to Bill Clinton. President Clinton is a man who has inspired many a troll!

  • David D

    At least one of the creatures has moved West – that would be Seattle’s famous Fremont Bridge Troll:

    And yes, that’s an actual VW Bug he’s crushing under his hand. Trolls are big.

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