Israel Also Hamstrung on Syria
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  • Micha

    “If the region’s sole superpower is so hamstrung in pursuing its vital national interests in this tragic conflict, it’s no wonder that the rest of the West is short on solutions as well.”

    That’s not exactly the same, isn’t it. Any action by Israel would be perceived as hostile by all parties in Syria, and will reflect badly on the rebels. So Israel can’t do anything for them. Other powers have more leeway.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    The “Lead from Behind” Obama has no plan beyond abasement for the middle-east. At least Bush was feared, and hated for shoving the truth of Islamic inferiority in their faces. Obama on the other hand is despised as some form of American Castrati, that fails every where and can be safely ignored.

  • Shiblee

    It is the West actual nature . Protecting Human rights is not real goal if it is then they also shout about Bahrain or Soudi Arabia . Zionist Regime right .

  • Kris

    “Israel Also Hamstrung”

    Hamstrung? Hamstrung?! You anti-Semite!


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