The ICC Starts Locking Them Up
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  • Corlyss

    International Criminal Court

    It’s a freakin’ disgrace, an excellent example of rootless, anti-democratic NGO overreach. If the creators hadn’t wanted desperately to lynch George Bush, the thing would still be moldering in European policy papers.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    While I support the Rule of Law as one of the three pillars of Western Culture, the others being Capitalism (Free Enterprise), and Democracy. I’m against International law having jurisdiction over anything except relations between nations, internal matters should be beyond their authority.

  • Tom Gates

    Just a matter of time, driven no doubts by Dr. Mead’s academic friends.

  • Ranger Rick

    I have a hard time believing that a dictatorial thug who used child-soldiers somehow signed on to the Rome Statute treaty. Which he’d have to, for the observation that this is not ex-post facto to have any validity. That is, unless we’re throwing out the idea of “consent of the governed” in order to sustain a largely fictional notion of “international law.”

    If Lubango really did sign a treaty agreeing to forgo the use of child-soldiers, then your observation makes more sense.

    It’s one thing to prosecute a just war to remove an enemy of all mankind (Lubanga clearly qualifies), especially if we explain in advance just why we’re doing it (and better still if we give one last chance to adjust behavior before the outbreak of hostilities). It’s quite another to tell the world “this is how it’s gonna be, see?” and then congratulate ourselves for some commitment to the rule of law when we put someone who acted against our proclamations through a drumhead trial.

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