Rampant Human Rights Abuse in Iran
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  • Here we have a different, non-Western culture acting in a way different from Western culture – the same Western culture that “multiculturalists” deride as often and loudly as possible. This really is the definition of “multiculturalism;” accepting other cultures as equal to (or better than) our own. It’s the siren song of the Left.

    Do those of us who believe in the superiority of Western culture, including of course, Dr. Mead, see this abuse of rights as illegit and inhumane? Of course.

    But how, exactly, do those who make their living hating Western culture (Dems, Progs, most academics, etc.) justify reacting negatively to a non-Western culture?

    These folks are just doing what these folks always do. Little has changed in centuries – they still stone & whip people for example. Deriding this logically requires accepting Western norms, something “multiculturalists” demand we reject.

    One would think the Left would celebrate this non-Western behavior – it truly is what they demand: “Multicultural.”

    Yet these same “multiculturalists” insist – demand – what they call “universal [which are nothing of the sort, being totally predicated on Western modes of acceptable behavior] Human Rights” be accorded to these non-Western people.

    Doesn’t that give Lefties a headache, trying to conflate Western behavior while lambasting Western behavior?

  • Toni

    Yep, this is the regime that Obama, in his first year as president, thought he could woo by sending congratulations on the anniversary of its revolution. Who that same year said not a word in support of courageous Iranians demonstrating, and dying, in protest against that regime.

    Imagine if he’d started pursuing sanctions in 2009. I guess that would have been just too practical for a Harvard Law grad.

  • Eurydice

    I guess it depends on what you mean by “word” – I totally trust Iran to do things like this.

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