Is Assad Winning In Syria?
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  • Walter Sobchak

    I still don’t know who we ought to want to win. Assad’s opponents could easily turn-out to be worse than Assad.

  • Mark in Texas

    We should want Turkey to win.

    If the US were to take out Syrian air force, antiaircraft, communications and control assets overnight, Turkish tanks could be in Damascos by the end of the day.

    How happy the average Syrian would be to have the Turks back in charge after an absence of 90 odd years is an open question but it is a matter for the Syrians and Turks to work out between themselves. We can just run interferance for the Turks by vetoing any UN resolutions that criticize them.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    “Russia has provided Syria with “very advanced integrated air defense capabilities — missiles, radars, that sort of thing,” he said. Iranian support for Assad has included weapons and teams of experts that have flown into Damascus to provide intelligence and eavesdropping capabilities to locate and suppress opposition networks, Mattis said.”

    As with the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, air defense missiles and radars are useless in asymetric warfare against insurgents without aircraft, and while intelligence and eavesdropping are useful they take a long time to implement and great skill in data mining and special operations troops trained in intelligence to collect the data, to work effectively. I don’t see why General Mattis is saying Damascus is winning, as long as there is fighting going on the insurgency has not been suppressed, and Damascus is seen as weak and incompetent the longer it goes on.

  • Gideon

    Mark in Texas, how the hell is that your right to decide? Your mentality is exactly what’s wrong with the US and why we are seen as imperialists.

  • jo-shocked by these comments

    Fact is : Syria is winning against the Islamist terrorists paid by Qatar and America.Easily.

    NATO won’t put a feet in Syria or China and Russia will kick their asses if they do, that’s why they don’t dare:
    The late weapons developed by America and its allies are worthless crap, and every live tests proved it (like f18/f35 VS late sukhoi series, russians pilots said “it was like clubbing baby seals XD”)

    Assad is not the best leader ,but he’s the Syrian leader and his people are behind him.Sure they would like more democracy ,but they don’t want the nightmare that NATO is preparing for them in the name of “human rights”.
    In fact , NATO just want to install its bank slavery system and steal the resources of that country. And since Syria says no , NATO wants to bomb them.

    The only people who have the right to speak about a change in Syria are Syrians and no other:
    What would you think if people said America was a false democracy, a dangerous dictatorship with weapons of mass destruction and it should be invaded and submitted so it stops waging war ? wait…we should do that in fact, maybe after a few bombs on their families , Americans will think twice before attacking people.

    It’s awful to see the country who liberated the world in WWII becoming the most fascist and vile country ever seen in the history.

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