Bay State Voters Rejecting Elizabeth Warren?
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  • Jbird

    part of Warren’s problem seems to be that she took credit for the OWS movement which promptly started defecating on cop cars, destroying small businesses, and raping each other. And more importantly, she seems to not have the touch with the common man one needs to be a successful politician. She reminds me of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (yes, of the Kennedy clan) who botched her gubernatorial campaign so badly a Republican actually won in Maryland.

  • Charles R. Williams

    What reason does anybody have to think that Warren would make a strong candidate?

  • macG

    I think this reflects a fly in the “Emerging Democratic Majority” ointment that’s rarely discussed. As states like Texas become more heavily Latino, they’re predicted to become more Democratic. But as rustbelt / frostbelt northeastern states are increasingly inhabited by remnant populations of elderly whites, why shouldn’t the same logic predict that they’ll go Republican? Boston professionals prefer Warren, but it’s hard to see downscale voters in the rest of the state not pulling the lever for the guy in the truck wearing a barncoat.

  • Kenny

    Mr. Mead,

    You write, “According to the conventional wisdom, moderate Republican Senator Scott Brown was supposed to be toast in Massachusetts.”

    But it was not wisdom, conventional or otherwise that claimed that Scott Brown was toast. It was always no5thing but a fabrication of the liberal drive-by media.

    Nothing surprisingn here. The media was merely fufilling its role as the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

  • EvilBuzzard

    And have she was willing to let them keep a lot of what they earn? The ingrates!!

  • tecurtis

    I am surprised she isn’t easily leading. I do NOT think she is out of touch. She may teach at Harvard, but any status she has was hard earned.
    Scott Brown seems like a front boy for the banks. Are people really so stupid that if wall street starts driving an old truck we will let them rob us blind because it looks “folksy”? Wall Street is a bunch of modern day carpet baggers. How long are we going to allow their rampant thievery to continue???!!! I personally believe Elizabeth Warren will make the fight for the rest of us who really do work for a living.
    I am also noticing some diconnect between the poll data that appears in the news and what actually happens during an actual vote. Scott Brown has Wall Street money backing him up, so news about polls CAN be bought. GO VOTE!!

  • Paul

    Tecurtis: No one wants to be lectured by an overpaid school teacher who works for a multi-billion dollar corporation that pays no taxes. That’s why she’s behind.

  • Walter Sobchak

    I am sure that the good peasants of Massachusetts really want to have their elders and betters tell them how to live, and that they would love to be governed by a Harvard Professor, because she is the best and brightest.

  • Hammered at Tosca

    It’s all very simple: What red-blooded American woman voters wouldn’t appreciate a semi-nude photo spread of Scott Brown in Cosmo?

    Vice: What red-blooded American man would enjoy a semi-nude photo spread of Elizabeth Warren in Sports Illustrated?

    I think the numbers speak for themselves…

  • Warren wrote The Two Income Trap. I’d like to have someone in the Senate who understood and cared about that particular problem. Why she’s considered un-moderate is beyond me.

  • Eurydice

    I think for there to be a “triumphant narrative” there needs to be some passion. I live in Boston and, outside of the pundits, this race is just not a topic of conversation. Scott Brown isn’t going to destroy the Commonwealth and everybody knows that – and Warren isn’t going to save the Commonwealth and everybody knows that, too. As for what they might do in Washington – it’s not clear that either party has any solutions, so who cares? Things will heat up as we get closer to the date, but the result may not be any different.

  • Corlyss

    “And another thing: it suggests that Howard Dean’s “Democratic wing” of the Democratic party puts voters off — even in Massachusetts.”

    Voters don’t matter. Those guys rule regardless of voters’ choices.

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