Food For N Korea Nukes: Could We Get Lucky This Time?
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  • The deal might be worth it just to test the new leadership’s intentions (though I’m skeptical of how much real authority Kim III has), but I doubt North Korea has changed all that much, and this will be another “Lucy and the football” moment for US diplomacy.

    “It’s not as if we had a lot of better ideas to try.”

    Sometimes saying “no” is the best idea.

  • Jack

    “The Big Brains of the national security establishment and the mainstream press keep predicting change in the Democratic People’s Republic, but the past sixty years of history offer plenty of reasons to be cautious.”

    Reasons to be cautious? What utter drivel.
    How about sceptical? Or disbelieving? Or living in a fantasy world? Or how about this? US Taxpayers to pay for NK food, so well paid ‘diplomats’ (read bagmen) can continue with self-deluding, but well paying (for them) charade.

  • Q: Food For N Korea Nukes: Could We Get Lucky This Time?

    A: No.

  • vanderleun

    “Via Meadia will adopt a wait-and-see approach.”

    This way to the gas, Via Media.

  • Walter Sobchak

    Is not the defintion of insanity doing something again and hoping for a different result.

  • Jack

    It isn’t insane if you get a well paid job with a lot of perks besides.

    Diplomats: well paid to say many words that mean nothing.

  • Corlyss

    “Could We Get Lucky This Time?”

    North Koreans = Lucy van Pelt w/ football
    US = Charlie Brown

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