The Great Game at the World Bank
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  • joe

    Larry Summers? If ever there was a need to provide an example for the incestuous, incompetent professoriate, that pygmy is Larry Summers.

    I thought NGO sinecures were for the marginally competent? He lost Harvard’s endowment billions and the American people trillons. You’d think an economist would engage in a rational assessment of his recent performance and retire.

  • Anthony

    “As ever, reports of America’s precipitous decline are greatly exaggerated” underscores World Bank’s upcoming president decision and its acceptance by majority of G-20 nations.

  • Kris

    “As the banker for the world’s poor, it is fitting that the World Bank would be a place where the world’s poor would have the loudest voice.”

    No comment.

  • BD

    India helping us…right after they’ve stiffed us on Iran sanctions. Hugely disappointing and the World Bank presidency is meaningless in comparison.

  • “Via Meadia is happy to see more proof that U.S. influence in the region is still valued. As ever, reports of America’s precipitous decline are greatly exaggerated.”

    For which we most heartily thank God and the continued common sense of the Pacific-Indian Ocean rim.

  • La Marque

    What country or countries actually fund the World Bank? and how much?

  • Mark Michael

    My anti-elitist thought: The World Bank should quietly go out of business. It’s funded by (mostly) First World taxpayers and mostly benefits Third World kleptocratic rulers. (I know, I know, each new prez claims to rectify the situation. Never really happens.)

    The greatest anti-poverty “program” in the last 30 years has been the turn to more free-market, capitalistic governance by China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil and formerly the East Asian “tigers”: Taiwan, S. Korea, Singapore, Thailand. That has resulted maybe 500 million people escaping grinding poverty.

    Nothing the World Bank has done comes within light-years of that accomplishment. Given our financial straits, abolishing the World Bank would save whatever dollars we send to it each year.

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