North Korea Trades Inspections For Food. Again.
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  • Brett

    “Spotty” is an understatement. This is the third or fourth time that they’ve made an offer like this, and no doubt they’ll stall and renege on the deal as soon as an “acceptable” amount of food aid is in their hands.

    What’s sickening about it is that this is no guarantee that many North Koreans won’t continue to starve. The last time we gave the North Korean government a bunch of food aid (as well as the 1990s aid), they stored a ton of it in those countless tunnels they’ve dug in order to ensure a reliable food supply for the party elite and military.

  • LarryD

    A realist would at least deal on a cash-only basis, i.e. food gets delivered as agreed-upon milestones are meet.

    But narcissists are gullible, so I expect the Obama administration to deliver the whole amount of food upfront, and then pout when NK fails to live up to its end of the agreement.

  • Kris

    Alternate proposal: set up a lavish brothel with all the amenities including an unlimited supply of drugs, and offer people such as Kim Jong-un a lifetime stay there. Should he and his ilk have a sadistic streak they insist on indulging (No! Surely not!), then the brothel can also include a dungeon whose unwilling but available inhabitants will be bad guys (What simplistic terminology!) who have not accepted this kind offer.

    I am waiting for my Nobel Peace Prize.

  • La Marque

    It’s a bad deal for the USA. It should be rejected out of hand. Let them ask China for aid.

    If we do a dumb deal with NK, then it should be on terms as LarryD stated.

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